ParnasaTova is hard at work helping people earn a better Parnasa. Members of ParnasaTova can access our support services including; Job Placement Assistance, the “You’re Hired” program, the “Learn and Earn” program, our Free Business Directory, Our Job Blog, and of course our Free Job Portal.

The “You’re Hired” program enables selected individuals to work for ParnasaTova while spreading our message about all of our career services. While a candidate is landing their next permanent position, they won’t have to go it alone, without a paycheck coming in. Applicants for this program are screened by one of the ParnasaTova Directors.

The “Learn and Earn” program enables selected individuals to learn Torah L’shaim Shamyim while they earn a Parnasa. Applicants are screened by the ParnasaTova Rabbi, Rabbi Rosenblatt.