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Kind Words From Happy Campers

What other people thought about the service provided by ParnasaTova

I code and design websites for a living, but times were tough during the recession. I wanted to stay current in my field so I contacted ParnasaTova for help. They offered free classes and training as well as notified me of jobs I’d be interested in. Because of them, I did not have to move from New York! Thanks!

When my 6 year old went into 1st grade, I decided to re-enter the workforce. ParnasaTova helped me redo my resume, practice interviewing with a professional recruiter, and helped me find a job I enjoy.

I became severely injured on a job site and knew that disability insurance would one day run out. So, finally, after a few years I recovered and needed a new job. I didn’t want to go back into construction. ParnasaTova found me a job in a local hardware store. I love it!

I want to thank ParnasaTova for all their help in finding me a job. I’m working now and it’s because of all the help I received from the staff at ParnasaTova.

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The Highest Form of Charity

The Rambam says the highest form of Charity is to enable a person to provide for themselves. Parnasatova is here to help as many individuals as possible find a good livelihood. Parnasatova was established as a service to assist the Jewish community and beyond in finding a job during these difficult times.

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